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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 10, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> a retired schoolteacher stabbed to death in hercules. this was a mystery until today. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. half>> this escapee and wife from southern california arrested in seattle, washington. they were driving that dead woman's car. >> and is a big break. >> why they are called the modern day bonnie and clyde of los angeles county. >> we are digging up dirt on the suspect that she was speaking of. a man and a woman were rested in washington today. they are connected to a stolen vehicle and hercules. where
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take a look these pictures. it was a violent confrontation between police and these people discovered inside of this missing subaru. wanted for the missing car/homicide and hercules. the two were asleep but then the couple will cup, she started driving in had also started striking police cars. they did not get away. there in custody. they are now identified as washington. and why these will had homicide in victim's her car and what, if any role they played in her death. >> if the vehicle was stolen. recovering the vehicle is a key to the case. we are not saying that these people are suspect
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that this case but they are possibly people of interest. they could point us to people of interest. >> she was a retired teacher and mother of four. her husband of over 30 years called a neighbor went she did not pick him up from the airport on friday. he works out of town in idaho and a neighbor discovered her body. the autopsy report is saying that she had a blunt force trauma and was stabbed multiple times. the fbi is collecting evidence. they also say that they have yet to determine any type of motive in this case. in hercules, to recess the show, kron 4. >> it is no wonder they're calling the moderate candidate body and clyde. they have-modern-day-bonnie and clyde. they have been wanted for over one month in san bernardino, california.
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24 year-old escaped from jail in late august. the 25 year-old wife, tonya helped with that escape. in early september darnell used a shotgun shooting a shotgun. the shotgun. the deputy who however, survived. the married couple left that shooting scene and carjack two other people in the process. today they are arrested in another stolen vehicle that subaru. with the murder of the hercules woman. they are not a linking this to the killing. to these two people. >> the oakland a's are in the vents between the detroit tigers. j. r. stone is live in oakland. outside the coliseum. hope is still high. out does it feel? >> it feels pretty quiet.
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not much of anything. and we are talking playoff baseball we are in the midst of this came in side of the coliseum. and they are down. with 2-0. i spoke with fans earlier and they are fired up for the team. >> this is kind of a cowboy attitude. >> cowboy what? >> paul is decked out in his oakland a's >> these guys are our getting ready for the a's. with shoes. all of these are hot commodities. >> we do not care of who is there. we just need eight seconds. >> and in nine innings when it comes to the a's fans they'd do it it up and dancing. >> to the czechs like the
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hair? >> we have been checking us out. and take a look. >> some girls are even barking at a loss of law >> it is great because people are taking pictures. and you have had your time. >> detroit is in done. the world series whoever is there. >> it is all confidence when you come to the 80s. >> and we are going to woop a little ass... >> a very fine day. the fans were just there inside the coliseum and i can tell you it is allowed. they are yelling. trying to get that and they are down to- nothing. reporting live, j.
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r. stone, kron 4. >> gary will have the highlights as they both try to keep their respective seasons alive as a leader. >> back on the job. >> it is a new day. ross mirkarimi returns to the office he vacated after being are rusted for domestic abuse in january. >> city supervisors rejecting the mayor's call for removing four official misconduct. >> not sustained. >> this was a celebration of his supporters. >> we love across! >> domestic violence opponents and the mayor are reacting with disbelief. >> maureen kelly was at city hall as the embattled chair. >> ross mirkarimi is smiling and waving to reporters as he goes back to is office for the first time in seven months. he says that he wants to put the past behind
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him. >> i want to look forward to looking forward with the mayor, the attorney, the district attorney. just as i was elected. even the we were not on the same team then perhaps in the eyes of some now. >> this is not what i believe to be qualities of someone holding the office of sheriff of the city of san francisco >> they needed nine votes to strip him but they only got seven. outside of the office the expressed his disbelief. his conduct was not perhaps admissible to addismiss them-- >> and also he is trying to work with these people that have been trying to dismiss them. because he was convicted of a misdemeanor
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will give him more understanding. >> if i had not gone through this humbling experience, the shame, the soul- searching. and it has inspired me to be a better man, father, and of course public servant. >> he will be meeting with the and from over the next week. and there will be the first full week back at work. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> the district attorney says that because of all that has happened he has major concerns about ross mirkarimi and the ability to managed-domestic violence. >> we are saying that he could excuse himself with anything that would helhim into do with domestic violence. we have a custody classification and the thing. and during this domestic violence and which he is under probation for the crime of committing a
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crime of domestic violence. >> ross mirkarimi is expected to return to me a full work of day return -- to a full workday on monday. >> this human remains mixed up. they are apologizing this was just released. indicating the speed freak killers. there were not properly identified including other victims. remains. others, with joe and hobson. they give those remains to hobsons mother. hobson's mother sent those remains to be analyzed and the report indicated that there were at least two other people in there. and a large earth moving equipment. near stockton added to the mixup. they are saying that they are very
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sorry. the speed freak killers kill a dozen people in the 1980's, the 1990's on a methamphetamine fueled killing spree. >> if this weather donbringing hail take a look. and this is an morgan hill. it surprised me jacqueline the order was pretty understanding of what happened with the weather systems, colliding. i am here in the weather system with jacqueline bennett. can we expect more hail and rain? >> i cannot think that we're going to expect more i6 f yes, we could still see some rain and even hail. because of the conditions now. we are still seeing some rainfall for san francisco and portions of the east a. some is called ground clutter. in the east-bay. however everything on the
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screen is right at this hour you can see heavier rain at walnut creek. that is for that yellow is. and even higher. with eight tenths of an inch of rainfall per hour over san francisco which is just a light rainfall at the south. taking a look of the satellite and radar these are pressing down toward 7 california. that is why these severe storms were earlier this evening. we are going to continue to give some reveron showers through the bay area. more on the way, coming up. >> also with more right run a -- showers. >>pam: perhaps some relief at the pump. and also more deadly cases of meningitis. the pharmacy is hit with new allegations. and more trouble for lindsey lohan
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she got into a fight with her mother.
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>> today only slight relief at the gasoline pump. just down by one-half cent. the record high was $4.67. take a look. a gallon of regular gasoline right now $4.73 and san francisco. $4.63 in san francisco, oakland. not much as changing the refinery fire is keeping its crude oil unit closed for a few more months. just seeing it is telling us why this is taking so long to get up and running just been? >> some are calling this a worst-case scenario. >> adjustin justinge
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>> we have a serious issue. >> sean telling me that this needs the proper permits for construction from local governments and air quality management. to get the exact equipment needed to fix that pipe. >> we are focusing to make sure that we take the appropriate actions that we do not rush things. that we identify what needs to be replaced. and fix the equipment so we can beat up and running, safely. >> with the crude oil still shut down it could impact gas prices. the refinery is not fully operational in is making less oil fuel >> we will continue to make gasoline and adequate supply to meet the demand of our customers. >> chevron would not give an exact date of one that crude would go back on line in. just that it would take more
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time. in richmond, kron 4. >>pam: drivers are part raged. drivers are-outrage. haazig madyun >> how much are you paying? >> $4. $4.99 for a gallon. this is the highest price for a gallon that i have seen what covering the recent gasoline crisis. and if you think that is high? take a look at the credit card price. $5.09. that is less than the price of a pack of cigarettes. but that is still pretty high. i asked the manager. and this is what i found. i will be back seem like there are any gallon. and i get $3 so that will get me home. >> that is it. the california state government, they are making money off of us. there has to be some type of region to region, the bay. that is for the high gas prices are. >> i am so upset because we cut back on everything else just to cover the costs of
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gasoline. >> it costs a lot it is nearly double. >> i do not want to say that it is possibly all! obama [laughter] >> salt lake city utah. >> and i do not know we were here for a wedding. we are happy to have you but we are sorry to have you pay these high gas prices. haazig madyun kron 4. >> these high prices are showing that many people are writing passenger trains. their real service has carried 31 million people this year with rider ship increasing steadily in the last 12 years. with the exception of after 2008. amtrak sign that july was the best month, ever. in california of their having to trains. the corridor
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service between sacramento, san jose and the san walking the starlight between oaklandon bakersfield to. and trucks in that july was the best month. >> oakland and bakersfield. and amtrak is saying that july was the best months. >> we are seeing some weather cells but light/moderate right now in the east made no lightning strikes associated. or hills, at least not yet. as we take a look at the rep from orchard no hillel/yet sportfishinno hillel-ye yet knol associate with the system, yet noticed there is no hail. if is pushing moisture from nevada! even as this is pressing to the east. the rainfall totals have not been that impressive.
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sunbursts' of heavier rainfall with these weather cells but mainly it has been leiter. and even hail from some of these with lightning strikes, earlier. and still the chance of showers for the bay area. whitman the concentrated south of the golden gate bridge i'm not going to rule it out. with mainly-south of the golden gate concentration and improving conditions and morning fog. we will not seek rainfall for the weekend it will be well to the east. as we take a look at futurecast it is not shown that much for this evening. we are seeing the band of rainfall and into the bay area. however, take a look as we see this pushing to the east it will continue towards and nevada, lake tahoe not ruling out the possibility of rainfall for tomorrow. south of the
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golden gate and for the weekend drier conditions. temperatures will be warmer with the '60s and '70s. and 70's and 80's for the most part by sunday and early next week. >> coming up later in this broadcast the giants of are ready to cited a deciding game we will have your story coming up.
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>> lindsey lohan has more difficulty. with police called out during eight limousine ride. during-a limousine ride. this was a phone call. >> this audio. >> if she is in the car with you?
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>> police say that there was no crime committed. now rests. the racine embracing later today. no-arrests. the daughter and the mother were seen embracing, later that day.
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>>pam: next, lance armstrong learns who testified against them who cost him the seven titles. >> a controversial law in south carolina upbringing photo identification. >> this live look outside. we are continuing to see showers at this hour. heavier rainfall over oakland at this hour more on those showers and how long they will last..
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>> our top stories. a break in the case of this market leas-- the case of the murder
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and hercules. the suspect escaped from a southern california prison with the help of his wife. >> a retired schoolteacher stabbed to death in>> this escapee and wife from southern california arrested in seattle, washington. they were driving that dead woman's car. >> and is a big break. >> the oakland a's are battling to stay alive. the detroit tigers are leading to-one but the oakland has a chance to tie it up. much like the giants did it in cincinnati. it is under way or we will keep you an update later in sports. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi is back in his job after he was reinstated. mayor ed lee stated his misconduct. he charged them with official misconduct after he bruised his wife's arm. >> fremont is getting special recognition. alicea
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is showing us more. how fremont can get more tax start up companies. >> l e d lights r-more tech- companies and phosphorus converts it. >> all of the new solid lighting that is being done really requires to our type of product. in order to produce that white light. we are in a bowling that technology. we are in a building that -- technology. >> fremont is one of the top cities. with economic development saying that fremont prize itself on the emerging clean companies. >> we have probably 30-35 cleaned tech companies in fremont. and 80 bio-tech companies. >> incentives that have them come here are tax cuts. they
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are tax exempt for five years and also new bio-tech startups. and also other companies get a two-year tax cut it is attractive to stick a round. >> some of that and also at this location is ideal. as we are growing rapidly we want to recruit and retain the talent that we have. we have a very exciting wave of major transition that is already happening. if it is the flash on your cellphone, camera. or if it is the light bulb in your home. or the headlands in your vehicle it is part of a revolution that we've ever excited to be a part of. fed >> fremont continues to attract new companies and also the new ones and existing ones is continuing to be a priority. lance armstrong is challenging the
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anti-do doping -- allegations and now that is exactly what they are doing. they are releasing a long and detailed report that as naming names. catherine heenan. >> some say that this has been blown to pieces. the anti-dumping agency has released a 200 page report. the anti-doping agency why he was a ringleader in the most sophisticated professionalized and successful of doping program the sport has ever seen. with no fewer than 11 teammates and testified against him. with floyd landis, and tyler hamilton. leaving the agency that heat no doubt was " fueled from start to finish. he was no doubt--and he started the decision to stop fighting.
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and these 14 the year victories continued to insist that he did not cheat. this was at his statement at the end of august. >> my name is lance armstrong. i am a cancer survivor i am a father of five. and yes, i had the toward france victory seven times. >> tonight the tour de france -- at this one-sided hatchet job. catherine heenan, kron 4. >> south carolina voter identification has been of help but it will not go into effect until next year. voters it has been dashed u-- up called it is controversial with some calling voters repression that this discriminates against minorities. state officials could not single one voter case of voter fraud. it is hoping to
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enhance and improve voter security of people's minds. >> these tainted batch of objections from a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts is the blame for the meningitis inoculations. the governor's signing that this could have misled regulators and did work out side of the si state licensing. the we are continuing to see the east bay. with the water and rainfall totals about one- quarter of 1 in. per hour.
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the green that you've seen are lighter. however, still coming down at this hour widespread through san francisco and the east bay. let us take a look at weather cells on the satellite & radar. the are sweeping. we will continue to see rupp a roun wrapping arod it is now off the southern california coastline and continuing to press towards los angeles. and towards tomorrow but will continue to see these wrap around showers. it will continue to swing around towards southern california. as a process to the south and to the east. so far, the rain has been light. with heavier weather cells but few and far between. and will talk more about it, coming up. far between. and will talk more about it, coming up. >> [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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>> imagine going to your job for 60 years and all the missing one day. gus this is his 60 years of house of prime rib for six decades. >> thank you. >> known as gus he is the impeccable maker dmaitre de -- >> i been shaking hands for 30 million people. and i did people not shake hands? if it is not a president i am the only one. >> he is celebrating 60
8:40 pm
years. he is only missed one days. >> i had strep throat and my wife said not over my dead body. and his longtime boss. >> for 60 years. i wish i was as good-looking as he was >> on a enjoying being here because i get the inspiration for my customers. >> some have been coming here since my was kids. >> since i was 10 years old. >> it is all about the beef. on an average night 500 dinners. and no matter who you are. >> i love people and that is what it is. and the people are going to love you. >> the endless prime rib. what goes around will come around. >> in san francisco, vicki. been a very special. >> the a's are battling to
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keep the special alive. and the giants will try to even up this series. with the decisive game no. 5 tomorrow. coming up oñ
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> here is some big rigs. >> this parcel is owned by caltran. a state agency. state agencies are supposed to adhere to mus municipalities zoning but they usually do not do so unless we remind them. >> that is oakland city council person for this area. caltran has been allowing tons of dirt to up to up in this area. >> anny open storage requires a conditional use
8:44 pm
permit. we need to show somebody that this is cleaned soil and is being covered appropriately. >> apparently this has not been covered or sprayed with water to keep dust particles from being in hail to. then i saw that cloud of smoke from my front door and that raised a flag. when i saw that there was no permit i saw that there was not a complaint. >> and derrik mohammad is a resident of this neighborhood and the is also running for public office. >> why are you in handling that? >> dozens have been driving through this-and also this man is climbing to be from the bay air quality. he is claiming to be from the bay air quality quickly left. without the proper permits this could be the largest illegal dumping site in
8:45 pm
oakland to. >> it is going to take us even more time to get rid of it because it is already here. >> i spoke to the company andttorney and i was told that they believe that they have met all the legal requirements. and local permits were not required. when i try to contact caltran nobody contacted me by the time this story at. for the record, there is an investigation for this developing story and there will be more on this. in west oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4. >> if you of a comment or a story idea. faugh if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m . we're continuing to see showers as this system keeps as we go towards the
8:46 pm
city daly city at this hour. and of the north bay coastline. the core of the store is right to the self. it will continue to press towards southern california. and we will seek the wraparound showers. look at how wide this is. usually we see rainfall associated but it is extending all the way into nevada, lake tahoe and back. at this hour. take a
8:47 pm
look as we look at the wrap around moisture. it is headed towards the bay area. we could still see some showers tomorrow. as for temperatures. 60s for the east bayshore. and 50s and 60s through san francisco. or cast. and a look at your extended forecast. we will see morning fog and afternoon sunshine and warming temperatures. the warming trend will continue for early next week. go to
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our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. mammal we will share the entire press presidential debate. -- >> joe biden will be hatwith paul bryant on 193. >> and i guess i will have to say it. >> there is something about it. and there is-there it is! >> and you cannot even have to turn the sound on it. that is the complement. with
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pamela and i. >> with something on my mind. >> it seems like you were concerned. however it is trading at the coliseum. the giants however are still alive it is raining at the coliseum. they had to wind to keep this rolling. fix the clock, my keep. angel, take a look. and angel, thank you. and greg giants up. if he had been slumping. barry siegel. and denies regular season but had to get him out of there after barry-zito. i have to give him credit. with two-third innings. the giants come when called on lincecum it was time for a take over. he
8:50 pm
was really could. good -- and te rest of the giants are now filling good with lincecum on the mound. and-he was brought into play shortstop a double switch. and apolpa blo sandoval and the times .. >> i am proud of the guys fog. it could have gone either way. how they -- what0 their guys against the wall. it was great how they got to tomorrow's game with.. the only way that happens is with the first two victories and the what they found how to do that. >> we found some some
8:51 pm
victories, and we are here to win. >> the giants will play at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow if the a's whe win.. the yankees are dominating prime-time spots. >> the first playoff game since 1933. and pete cozma from the cardinals and st louis 8-0 and strausburg is not available for the nationals and the game of the night..can you see the a's... detroit 2-0 the tbs
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game...maybe glasses?? i cannot see it either thank you! alex rodriguez... he makes over $26 million per year. anda rod ...bottom of the 12 hits another one and yanke es win 2-1 and alex carres
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passes away and moves to acting father on 'webster' and 'blazing saddles' he was 77 giants vs. the 49ers of the nfc harbaough and w illiam's looking good. kyle williams... >> i cannot wait. i am trying not to do too much everybody has a role to
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play. we have a great team. we have something that we should have. going into something that we should.. >> let us take a look at that san francisco 49ers. their weight room is 9000 square feet. it is going to be used frequently when they bring in free agents. and remember, that if you are in a job if they are cutting back? remember, the san francisco 49ers have a great weight room. we are back. [ male announcer ] sizzler's classic tri-tip
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